“I’m a trained sculptor and photographer and the two have always intertwined. When I look at a subject to photograph, whether it’s a person or a building, I look at the forms of the objects first; this is what excites me most. Whether it’s the texture of the landscape or the flow of fabric or hair, they form the composition in my lens and I try to translate that awe into the photograph.”

Every month, we will feature new local artists or group shows in our virtual Art Galleries! Here is a chance for you to connect with the community through your art.  We are actively seeking visual artists – painters, sculptors, potters, printmakers, textile artists and photographers – to exhibit on the KBBAL website. If you are interested in being featured as a KBBAL artist of the month, please fill out the submission form on “OPEN STUDIO” . Because the mission of KBBAL is to deepen connection through the arts, all work exhibited or performed on our website will provide direct links to the artists who wish to be contacted (and their galleries for those that are represented) as well as being archived for the community to enjoy at any time.